Darkfiber maintenance - NZS - EQX-AM7 (Maintenance)

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[#998] Darkfiber maintenance - NZS - EQX-AM7 (Maintenance)

Posted: 2023-01-17 16:36

Start: 2023-02-15 10:00:00
End : 2023-02-15 17:00:00

Affects: Redundancy NZS

Darkfiber provider Eurofiber which connects Nedzone Steenbergen (NZS) towards Equinix-AM7 is having a planned maintenance.

The connectivity between NZS and EQX-AM7 will automatically reroute over our ring.

Customers having wave service will be down during this time.

Update 2023-01-31:
Due to unforeseen circumstances this will be postponed, once the new date has been known we will update this post.

Update 2023-02-03:
This maintenance has been rescheduled to 7 February

Update 2023-02-07:
During the migration of the links, one of the channels kept flapping, after a debugging session it was rebuild back to the old situation.

On the 15th of February we'll debug this further including separate cards and other channels.