Emergency power maintenance DBA (Maintenance)

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[#970] Emergency power maintenance DBA (Maintenance)

Posted: 2021-10-19 16:25

Start: 2021-10-20 07:00:00
End : 2021-10-20 13:00:00

Affects: Databarn Amsterdam

We got a notice today from the datacenter that the power company Liander is doing an emergency maintenance tomorrow to repair a 10Kv ring in Amsterdam.

Initially this was planned for 2022 but they moved it way back to 20th of October to be able to guarantee a good working electricity grid.

The datacenter themselves were also only informed about this today.

We asked for some assurances and they assured us that no outages are expected as they have UPSsses, generators and have a company bring an extra generator as well.

We will be monitoring the situation closely tomorrow.