Onapp Hypervisor issues (Status)

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[#923] Onapp Hypervisor issues (Status)

Posted: 2020-08-06 21:54

Start: 2020-08-06 20:30:00
End :

Affects: Customer located on our Onapp platform

One of our hypervisors crashed at 20:30 which has been solved and the hypervisor is back online for some time, currently we are running a disk repair over the cluster, which is needed for vpsses to being able to boot, if yours currently is not able to boot this is because it's disk hasn't been fully synched yet.

Once that has been done it should boot up again, currently it's almost at 50%.

Update 22:46:
Disk repair is currently at 60%

Update 23:04:
Disk repair is currently at 70%

Update 23:18:
Disk repair is currently at 80%

Update 23:29:
Disk repair is currently at 90%

Update 00:53:
Currently all disks have been repaired and synched and all vpsses should work again.

Update 2020/08/07 08:00:
Currently we're having issues on the platform and are working very hard with the Onapp support in solving these issues.

Update 15:33:

Currently all VPSses should be working again, as our vendor is still investigating into these crashes we will not close this case just yet. We will update this case when we are ready to give the all clear.