Outage VPLS ring EQX-AM7 (Status)

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[#861] Outage VPLS ring EQX-AM7 (Status)

Posted: 2019-11-25 13:17

Start: 2019-11-25 12:33:00
End : 2019-11-25 14:30:00

Affects: IP access Customers / IP transit Customers EQX-AM7 / Traffic EQX-AM7

At 12:33 CET we noticed an issue on our VPLS ring through EQX-AM7.

During debugging it got very unstable to the point we have rebooted the entire stack.
We are still debugging as to what triggered the outage in the first place together with our vendor.

At the moment everything should be stable again but we continue to monitor the situation for the next couple of hours.

Update 13:30 CET:
Internet Customers may still experience issues with packetloss at this moment, our team is currently working around the clock on getting this solved as well.

Update 14:30 CET:
Also for Internet customers the issue should now be resolved.

Update 15:00 CET:
From investigation, the instability was present since the power outage of equinix AM7, during the black building test.