Outage NL-ix (Internet Exchange) (Status)

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[#839] Outage NL-ix (Internet Exchange) (Status)

Posted: 2019-10-04 12:17

Start: 2019-10-04 13:00:00
End : 2019-10-04 14:25:00

Affects: Traffic via NL-ix

We have noticed an outage on the NLix Peering platform, Currently NL-ix is investigating the issue.

On their traffic graphs it is clearly visible an outage is visible https://www.nl-ix.net/network/traffic-stats/

Update 12:21:
We have received the following update from the NL-IX:

We are currently experiencing issues in our network. We are investigating the issue, it looks to be originating from our switch in Equinix FR4, but is causing packetlosss and traffic drops at multiple destinations in our network.

Update 14:40:
The following update was sent out by the NL-IX:
We found the port creating the issue on our switch in Equinix FR4, after shutting it down traffic is now restoring and the issue looks to be resolved.