Power maintenance Equinix-AM5

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#705 Power maintenance Equinix-AM5

Posted: 2018-10-05 14:30

Start: 2018-11-11 00:01:00
End : 2018-11-11 01:30:00

Affects: Equipment located at Equinix-AM5

We received a maintenance notification from one of our infrastructure datacenters Equinix-AM5 that they are having their 3 yearly power maintenance.

Their exact maintenance reason is:

Please be advised that Equinix will temporarily switch off one of the redundant power supplies to some or all of your cabinets within AM5 for approximately 60 minutes. The remaining power supply to your cabinets will stay available including UPS and Emergency Generator backup.

We are performing 3 yearly maintenance activities to our main breakers.

Only one feed will be de-energized at any one time to perform the maintenance.

As all our equipment is setup redundantly we expect no issues, this does not affect any server hosting customers.

their reference is 5-166701745337

Update 2018/10/22:
This maintenance has been canceled currently by Equinix.