Major power outage North Holland (Informational)

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[#417] Major power outage North Holland (Informational)

Posted: 2017-01-17 07:50

Start: 2017-01-17 04:18:00
End : 2017-01-17 07:18:00

Affects: Wide spread, 3rd parties

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Dear customer, please note that this is merely an informational notification. No incidents in our network and hosting infrastructure were detected. However due to the size of the outage in the Amsterdam region, customers asking questions if anything is affected, we decided to publish an update regarding this.

Datacenter infrastructure, hosting and IP transit:
Please be aware that there is a major power outage in the North of Holland which also affects the power provided to the datacenters in that region.

At this moment we can confirm that all affected datacenters in which we have presence did not show any sign of outage. Also none of our transit providers seem to be directly affected either. Neither do we see any decrease in bandwidth throughput.

We received notifications from the DBA hosting facility that they were running on backup power since the start of the incident 04.18 and have just shifted back to the power grid at 07.18.

Fiber to the business internet access lines:
We have not yet been informed that customers with Fiber Internet Access lines in those regions are affected. It is however more than logical street cabinets containing switches for those buildings were affected as well. But due to nighttime no reports were done yet.

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Over 350,000 without power in Amsterdam area; trains shut down

An early morning power outage in parts of Noord-Holland left hundreds of thousands without electricity and failures on the Dutch rail system on Tuesday. The problem started before 4:45 a.m. causing the lights to go dark in 364,000 households across Amsterdam, Zaandam, Oostzaan and Landsmeer, Dutch utility Liander confirmed on Twitter.

The cause of the outage was not revealed. Workers successfully restored power to 164,000 households by 6:30 a.m. An hour later there were about 88,000 customers without electricity, Liander said.

Meanwhile, there are no trains running in or out of Amsterdam Centraal. Train provider NS said it was not known when the train service would begin again. "This also has consequences for the rest of the country." NS warns. "Unfortunately there is still little information about the course of this disruption. We will keep you informed as much as possible. It is not known how long this situation will last."

The power outage also brought trains around Almere to a standstill. Signaling problems mean that no train traffic is possible, according to Omroep Flevoland.

A high volume of phone calls meant many had trouble registering their complaints at Liander, but the firm said they were fully at committed to getting electricity to all homes and businesses. According to Liander's website, the disruption is expected to be fixed around 9:00 a.m., though this is just an estimation. "It's hard to say how long it will take. We are now working to turn everyone on step by step", a spokesperson for the utilities company said to broadcaster NOS.

This power outage means no heating for an undetermined number of people. And with the morning temperatures being around -4 degrees in Amsterdam and surrounds, it could make for a difficult morning.

The Amsterdam police are aware of the power outage, they said on Twitter. "Only call the emergency services in case of an emergency", the police tweeted.



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Update 10.55 by Globalswitch:
From approximately 04.00 AM to 08:30 AM this morning, the city of Amsterdam experienced a power outage. Global Switch confirms that all their Uninterrupted Power Supply systems have been working properly and there have been no incidents of power loss.

The grid company restored the power supply and we can confirm we are back in normal operation.