Global Switch Amsterdam - fire (Informational)

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[#41] Global Switch Amsterdam - fire (Informational)

Posted: 2011-07-30 17:00

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Affects: No affect

To all Global Switch Amsterdam customers,

We wish to advise you of an incident at the Global Switch Amsterdam Data

This incident did not affect your equipment on site in any way, but as
always, we would wish to keep you fully informed.

At around 08.00 CET this morning we had an electrical fault in a panel
which feeds some of the CRAC units conditioning hall 1. The fire brigade
attended and once the fault had been cleared the fire was extinguished.
There was no disruption to the power feeds to any clients load but the
power to half of the CRAC units was lost and a significant amount of
smoke was produced.

A temporary supply has been connected to the CRAC units and the hall
temperature is slowly being brought back under control. A Cleaning
company has been called in to clean any minor smoke damage created by
the fire.

This problem effected the Hall 1/ data 2 area ONLY; no other parts of
the building were impacted in any way what so ever.