Hurricane Joaquin (Informational)

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[#287] Hurricane Joaquin (Informational)

Posted: 2015-10-02 12:49

Start: 2015-10-05 00:00:00
End : 2015-10-08 00:00:00

Affects: n/a

This is a generic warning for US connectivity. We are an NL based provider and are not directly affected. However it could be US customers have issues and you as service provider might see changes in the routing from and to that region. In case of generic outages in that region, you might even see less traffic on your service. Warning originates from Zayo (Abovenet) but is applicable for all US providers.

Please see below the official statement from Zayo/Abovenet.

As you may know, Hurricane Joaquin is currently on a trajectory to make landfall in the Northeastern U.S. between Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon. Zayo is taking all necessary actions to prepare and protect our network and facilities in the event of storm-related impacts. The hurricane has currently reached Category 4 status with sustained winds of 130 miles per hour and hurricane force winds extending outward up to 45 miles from the center of the hurricane. According to some models, it is expected to make landfall in the northeast region of the country (between North Carolina and Massachusetts depending on the final trajectory) and is expected to bring heavy rains and localized flooding to Eastern US states, which have already experienced significant rainfall this week.

As Zayo’s network includes aerial and buried cable throughout the northeast region, the greatest threats are fiber cuts and potential widespread power outages in the impact zones. All of our network locations in the region have generator backup for AC power redundancy, complemented by DC battery backup to ensure ongoing operations in the event of commercial power failures. In anticipation of commercial power outages and other potential network impact, Zayo has taken all necessary precautions in preparation for this storm, including:

• Confirming that all sites along the network route have generators that are in proper working order and filled with fuel
• Preparing portable generators for transport (i.e. fuel, batteries, testing), and acquiring additional portable generators in potential impact areas.
• Confirming that all of our generator repair contractors and fuel supply agencies are on standby and able to assist us as needed
• Having our field technicians prepare their trucks for emergency response- loaded with tools, consumables, emergency supplies, topped off with fuel, and additional fuel available for portable generators
• Field technicians obtaining cash for emergency purchases in the event that Point of Sale systems are not functioning
• Reviewing resource availability for our outside resources (field, outside plant), and temporarily relocating resources as needed to ensure maximum response time
• Preparing access credentials / materials for Zayo resources to enter areas declared to be a state of emergency
• Preparing our smaller portable generators (e.g. 5500 watts) for deployment in our Fiber to the Tower network
• Reviewing inventory of spare / replacement fiber cable and associated hardware for hanging / lashing, engaging fiber restoration contractors to ensure appropriate resources, test and repair equipment are available to respond to multiple events in parallel if needed
• Identifying all planned maintenance activities through the weekend and into next week with preparations to cancel all non-critical maintenance activities should the hurricane present a threat to the network in any area
• Reviewing all network layers (DWDM, SONET, Ethernet, IP, FTT) to ensure there are no network devices with standing impairments (i.e. loss of redundancy, intermittent errors) and ensuring the network is clean and green in all potential impact areas
• Reaching out to all of our underlying fiber providers to ensure that they have made necessary preparations, are prepared to respond, and are prepared to cancel on non-critical planned maintenance activities
• Augmenting NCC staffing levels throughout the weekend and into next week in anticipation of higher call volumes and network activities
• Creation of customer impact lists for major routes and facilities in the area, allowing us to immediately communicate with customers if there is network impact, and open trouble tickets for all affected services via automated tools

At this point, we do not anticipate service impact related to this storm though we will continue to monitor the situation closely and maintain our preparations with increased staffing levels. The Zayo operations centers will be available 24/7 throughout this event and reachable at ***. Additionally, the current Zayo escalation lists are attached and the operational management team will also be immediately reachable at all times for any customer questions or concerns. Zayo will continue to provide further updates on our preparations and network operations until the threat of this storm has passed via our Twitter feed at *** and through additional direct communications as necessary. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions or concerns that you may have.