Wave service maintenance LINX EQX-AM7

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#723 Wave service maintenance LINX EQX-AM7

Posted: 2018-11-22 07:17

Start: 2018-12-11 00:01:00
End : 2018-12-11 07:00:00

Affects: Routing LINX

Wave service provider which connects Equinix AM7 (EQX-AM7) towards LINX is having a planned maintenance.

Their maintenance reason is "Our provider informed us that, in order to guarantee the stability of their network, they need to conduct maintenance activities that will affect the above-mentioned service. "

Interoute has given this maintenance reference number: 94729

All LINX routed traffic is automatically routed over our other exchanges and IP transits.

For transparency purposes we decided to publish this notification.